Neutralize zero-day malware with iVerify’s groundbreaking scaled forensic service.

Threat Hunter identifies unknown mobile malware and accelerates the collection and analysis of forensics to quickly alert organizations about unknown threats.

Threat Hunter laptop screen

Threat Hunter provides a complete and sophisticated forensic service 

Not all mobile devices pose the same risk to the enterprise. Threat Hunter supplements iVerify Enterprise base layer of detection by finding unknown malware lurking within the mobile fleet. Protect executives, researchers, and others who have privileged access to sensitive information.

Deep access to mobile devices, automated detection, and expert analysis to scale the end-to-end process of forensics.

Threat Hunter provides deep, always-on mobile forensic investigations and advanced telemetry that scale across the enterprise, protecting individuals with elevated risk profiles by identifying unknown threats before they spiral into full-scale security incidents.


  • Best-in-Class MTD

    Designed to prevent sophisticated corporate espionage, blackmail, threats to physical safety and credential theft that can especially target high-risk individuals and identify malware within your mobile fleet MTD.

  • Deep, always-on mobile forensics

    Flag suspicious artifacts to immediately alert organizations about unknown malware.

  • Automated Detection

    Automated detection combined with human curation enables us to discover emerging threats.

  • Educate and Protect High-Profile Users

    Personal mobile security training, modules to educate elevated risk profiles with additional services including Mobile Security Guides, Reboot Reminders and Notifications, and iVerify’s Secure Mobile Browsing extension.

  • Integrate with MDM and more

    Actionable data is constantly updated within iVerify’s dashboard or through integrations with SSO, SCIM, SIEM, and MDM solutions.

iVerify customers include leading finance, media, aerospace, defense, human rights, and journalism organizations. To learn more about premier protection of high-profile mobile device users, please contact us to book your demo.

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