Frequently Asked Questions

iVerify for Organizations

How do I sign up?

Contact us to request the sign up link.

Member Management

Which SSO providers do you support for account and member management?

iVerify for Organizations currently supports integrations with Okta for SSO and Azure AD. We are currently working on an integrations with Google Workspace.

If you require a different provider, please let us know.

What is the process for adding members and enrolling devices?

We support two types of member management: with and without SSO.
If you choose to use SSO, members are added when you select which groups you want to add. Use your SSO provider’s configuration portal to configure which members belong to which groups.

If you choose to manage members manually without SSO, members are added either individually or using CSV files. To add members, simply upload a CSV file with their name and email address. Each newly added member will be emailed an enrollment code which will complete their enrollment.

I’ve imported members and provided payment after integrating with Okta provider, but I still cannot access the dashboard. What do I need to do?

We use cookies to store and track sessions. If you get into a state where you cannot load the dashboard page, please clear your and Okta cookies and log back in.

If the problem persists, please contact us.

Can I enroll multiple devices for each user?

Yes, simply add their names and email addresses again and they should receive a second enrollment code to use for additional devices.

Supported Devices

Does iVerify for Organizations support Android devices?

Yes, iVerify for Organizations does support Android devices.

MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Does iVerify require MDM?

No, it does not require MDM.

Other Questions

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Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

iVerify App (General)


What does iVerify scan for?

iVerify looks for known signs of compromise and jailbreaks (e.g. files and folders that should not exist and are associated with malicious behavior, URL handlers that should not be installed, and the integrity of some system permission checks).

How effective is iVerify at detecting signs of compromise?

iVerify detects compromise by monitoring for signs that iOS's security has been degraded by an exploit and 
by checking for known bad files and folders. It detects most cases of compromise but cannot detect all of them. 
It's still important to limit your exposure to attacks and limit the sensitive data available on your phone and 
online accounts.

How often should I run a check?

Checks run in the background periodically, at a rate of once every ten minutes or as often as the operating systems will allow. Open the iVerify app any time you want to force the checks to run. You may want to do this before or after certain events (say, an important meeting) or upon arrival or departure from a new location.

How will iVerify affect my battery life?

iVerify does not cause excessive battery drain and won't affect battery health.


What information does iVerify collect?

We collect as little data as needed. The standalone iVerify app for iOS collects only:

  • Threat detection results
  • iVerify application crash reports (if a crash occurs)

When a potential compromise is detected, we collect data necessary to better understand it. This data consists of:

  • iOS version
  • Device model
  • iVerify application version
  • Cellular carrier and WiFi status
  • IP address
  • Locale
  • Battery level and charging state
  • An iVerify-specific device ID

The provided data is anonymous and transmitted to an iVerify server over a secure connection. The data is retained for 30 days.

iVerify for Organizations collects additional information to display on the administrator dashboard. This data consists of:

  • Member name
  • Member email address
  • Threat detection results
  • iOS Version
  • iVerify-specific device ID
  • Device model
  • Device security posture information (screen lock and biometric authentication status, and whether notifications have been enabled for the iVerify app)
  • Operating system version
  • iVerify app version
  • Number of training guides completed

Can iVerify tell if specific apps are installed?

No, nor can iVerify read any data from other apps like messaging or email.

Does iVerify scan network data?


Other Questions

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