Protect your entire organization.

Stay ahead of vulnerabilities by securing your team’s mobile devices. Metrics allow you to see completion of security guides, up-to-date OS, signs of compromise, and more.

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Affordable device management

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Team Security at a Glance

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Protecting Privacy

Users maintain personal data privacy while keeping devices secure.

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Stay Informed

View statistics for completeness of device security measures and software updates.

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Customized Content

Speed up security protocol onboarding and send notifications for critical news.


In a BYOD (bring your-own-device) world, MDM is a four-letter word.

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Easy Distribution

Distributed in the App Store—no Apple Business Manager required.


Admin Controls

Use the dashboard to manage devices or output logs for more details.

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Gary Belvin
is the best iPhone security app I have ever come across, from the folks at
- Set iPhone security knobs to 11
- Learn security best practices
- Catch 0Days
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It’s very rare I personally endorse a product, but iVerify by has become an incredible guided journey through the security and privacy checkpoints on a modern iPhone. Stuff changes all the time. Things I didn’t know/think about.
An app in which I can recommend to people to use and run through several exercises that promotes training and awareness.
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Use iOS? If so, you owe it to yourself to go buy and configure iVerify by
Help secure accounts, detect memory exploitation, and improve security hygiene. Awesome.
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