Defend against sophisticated attacks targeting your corporate or BYOD fleet

iVerify Enterprise provides iOS and Android mobile threat defense for devices connected to corporate services using easily deployed and privacy respecting mobile telemetry

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55% of CISOs say phones are the most vulnerable node in the stack. They’re right to be concerned. 

More mobile devices are connected to enterprise services than ever before. Mobile malware – and legacy cyber security challenges – demand mobile security vigilance to prevent network-level threats, including corporate espionage, blackmail, physical security incidents, and credential theft used to bypass enterprise security and MFA.

iVerify Enterprise tackles advanced device layer threats for corporate-connected Android and iOS devices

iVerify Enterprise is perfect for BYOD fleets, and powerful as a standalone solution or when paired with MDM (via our API) to instantly remediate compromises.

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  • Defend against Advanced Spyware

    Protect against advanced spyware, malware, and catastrophic breaches.

  • Easily Deployed

    Either through a simple download and managed by an intuitive enterprise dashboard or through integrations with SCIM, SIEM, MDR, and SSO.

  • Educate and Protect Users

    Additional services include easy-to-use Mobile Security Guides, Reboot Reminders and Notifications, and iVerify’s Secure Mobile Browsing Extension.

  • Monitor Devices on Demand

    All devices are monitored on demand using advanced telemetry without requiring a managed profile on the device.

  • Enforce Patching

    Enforce users to apply patches, reducing known vulnerability risk.

  • Non-invasive and Privacy-Respecting

    Enterprise-weight MTD, especially for BYOD users, without invading user privacy.

  • Effective with or without MDM

    iVerify can enhance MDM or be deployed as a standalone MTD solution. Alone or together, iVerify decreases time to remediation and increases threat coverage.

iVerify customers include leading finance, media, aerospace, defense, human rights, and journalism organizations. To learn more about premier protection of high-profile mobile device users, please contact us to book your demo.

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