Okta SSO Set Up for iVerify for Organizations

Use the following steps to integrate your organization's Okta account in order to authenticate with the iVerify for Organizations management portal.

After selecting Okta as your SSO provider within the iVerify Portal, Log in to your Okta Developer Console in a new window. In order to authenticate with the iVerify for Organizations portal, you will need to create the iVerify app in your Okta console.

Create an iVerify OpenID Connect application inside the Okta Developer Console. From the Applications page, choose Add Application. Select ODIC - OpenID Connect for the Sign-on Method and Web Application for the Application type.

Configure the new application by specifying iVerify for Organizations as the name. Update the Sign-in redirect URI with the value provided by iVerify. Delete any Sign-out redirect URIs.

Click Save.

The application has been completed, select Okta API Scopes.

Grant the okta.apps.read and okta.groups.read scopes.

Browse back to the General window.

Copy the Client ID, Client Secret, and Okta domain (tenet) to iVerify's Okta configuration page and then click Submit.

If you need any assistance during this process, please contact us at support@iverify.io.